BEFORE going further, let me say how I voted in the referendum – I voted to stay in the EU.

Now, to my astonishment, many “Stay” politicians and voters are asking for a new referendum.

Is this not an abrogation of democracy? Come on children, your lollipop has been taken away; you won’t get a fresh one now or in the foreseeable future.

In a recent letter I suggested we returned to a vigorous commonwealth – this means I shall be able to enjoy New Zealand butter again.

Mrs May must squash “new referendum”, get on with exit from the EU, thank the United States for their expression of friendship, and protect the Bank of England and the City.

We have come through worse before. I believe this generation of Brits have as much guts as Second World War heroes. This is a chance to see what we are made of.

G F White, Coppice Hill, Bradford on Avon

PS: I do not say it will be easy to return to our Commonwealth friends, but with American support, it will happen.