NO TRUE country person condones the use of free running snares, which cause suffering and death to pets as well as our wildlife. The blood sports fraternity uses them to protect the millions of factory farmed live targets called game birds, so our wildlife are persecuted to protect the profits of the shooting industry.

No true country person blames badgers for the demise of hedgehogs, when humans kill tens of thousands on the roads annually, as well as destroying their habitat, or blames badgers for bovine TB, when it all is caused by human failings. The blood sports lobby tries to justify the use of free running snares, claiming it is to protect some species of birds, again avoiding the real cause of their demise, human activity .

It’s sad to have repeat .but one thing true country people agree with ,that which is the biggest threat to farmers/growers , the demand for cheaper and cheaper food, so consumers spend more on the latest gadgets mobile phones t/v’s et , all good for GDP ,but blaming other specie avoids having to deal with real its time that our MPs dealing with country matters stop sucking up to the blood sports lobby, and have the courage to relearn what responsibility and prevention means.

D Thomas Hisomley, Westbury