WHILE I appreciate the concerns of your correspondent John Doyle (letters, May 12) about a delay by RUH Bath in confirming his changed medication, was it really necessary for him to blame the whole NHS for a single administrative oversight?
Over the last year I’ve been admitted to RUH twice for emergency treatment. In one instance, having felt unwell overnight, I contacted NHS Direct who called an ambulance and I was rushed to A&E having suffered a suspected stroke. 
On arrival at RUH I was immediately taken into A&E for assessment and subsequently admitted to the specialist stroke ward for treatment. 
As well as the numerous consultants and doctors that I saw during my stay, the hospital’s pharmacist visited me and went through my new medication in detail. 
As I was being released on a Bank Holiday weekend the pharmacist ensured that I had sufficient medication for me to use when I returned home.
On the first working day following my release from hospital I was contacted by the Bradford Road Medical Centre’s pharmacist to confirm that RUH had made them aware of my new medication requirements and they had updated their records.
Due to the care provided by RUH and subsequent check-ups at the Bradford Road Medical Centre, I have made a full recovery.
At a time when all parts of the NHS are being criticised I’m sure that I speak for the majority of people who can’t thank them enough for the excellent service that they provide.
Arthur Williams 
Marden Walk