I WISH to comment on the proposed development and boundary change on the south side of Trowbridge close to Southwick Court, site 3565.

Will cabinet members on Wiltshire Council explain why 700 of the 900 dwellings have been allocated to Trowbridge and not shared more evenly among neighbouring towns and villages?

The town has provided more than its fair share of land to meet the demands placed upon Wiltshire by a government directive to provide additional housing.

Why are council members so eager to sacrifice these beautiful and productive fields that border our boundary line with a centuries old tree-lined brook?

This is nothing short of scandalous as they have allowed brownfield sites to remain undeveloped.

In doing so, they have reneged on their 2015 Core Strategy. Land, for in excess of 5,000 new homes have been granted planning permission.

This is enough to more than meet requirements without resorting to an unnecessary boundary change and the concreting over of prime farmland.

The development they propose would be split in two by the floodplain that covers an estimated area of between one and three acres when Lambrok stream, that emanates from Southwick Court bursts its banks during persistent rain.

If Wiltshire Council have their way, this greenfield area could be supplanted with houses and roads. We need to stand up to this unnecessary destruction of our valued countryside and force them to reconsider the abundant brownfield sites already approved.

A key recommendation of the Pitt report following the flooding of 2007 stated: “building on flood plains should be the absolute exception, done only in areas of genuine housing shortage where there is no alternative land available.”

Will Wiltshire Council ignore his report, as they have so clearly done with their own Core Strategy? It is looking likely. Shame on them.

Paul Elphick

Sandringham Road