I ATTENDED the public consultation on the proposed housing allocation for Trowbridge last Wednesday and I was, perhaps naively, expecting more of a consultation than what appeared to be a display of intent in relation to the future housing development.

Primarily, I believe it would have been of benefit to have an immediate method of capturing the views of Trowbridge residents on the proposed sites, rather than expecting them to write in at a later date.

As a Wiltshire councillor, town councillor, business owner and resident, I would have also liked to have seen a positive plan being displayed and promoted for the development of the former Bowyers site.

Obviously, this is not the fault of the council as plans need to be submitted by developers, but whether this site is to be mixed use or simply a site allocated for 200 houses, it would have been a positive important step towards meeting our need particularly for affordable homes, but also the revitalisation of the town centre.

I fully understand the concerns of the residents of Southwick, North Bradley and Hilperton with the proposed building on their green spaces.

Unfortunately, these sites may be more attractive for developers in terms of profit, but I hope in their campaigning they can join me in pushing for this prime brownfield site to be developed as the main priority for Trowbridge.

Edward Kirk

Councillor for Trowbridge Adcroft