The Wiltshire Times, July 28, contained an editorial headed “Racism proves problem for all.” This reviewed the first program in the new Channel 4 series, 999: What’s Your Emergency? This piece of ‘journalism’ used the phrase “although one specimen gave a Trowbridge address when he later appeared in court for a light slap on the wrist.”

Had the editor actually watched that show then he would have seen that the ‘specimen’ in question was actually a disabled man who had posted racist comments on social media. In court he also made the point that he had himself been subject to abuse because of his disability.

I am sure that WT readers will be struck by the hypocrisy of condemning racist abuse whilst contributing to abuse of the disabled. I note that WT policy is “to provide readers with a fair, accurate and balanced news and information service”. So that balance is achieved by insulting a disabled man who had issued racist comments online? The WT should be ashamed of itself.

Mike Stevens


North Bradley