I AM writing in reply to a parking notice received today concerning our attempt to shop at Marks & Spencer on July 26. 
It is appalling that as a company responsible for parking on behalf of a national company that you should be issuing fines to a disabled person, who clearly displayed a disabled badge and time, for 36 minutes while shopping, which they failed to show in their photographs. 
There were no signs clearly displaying the terms, which are so different from Tesco, who are 200 yards from Marks &Spencer’s front door, with whom we have shopped successfully on a weekly basis for many years with no parking problems at all. Free and with no tickets necessary at all. 
As you can see from my post script, a copy of this letter is being sent to the managing director of Marks & Spencer, and the Wiltshire Times to join with the other 100 plus who have written, to state that We have no intention of paying this totally unfair fine.
A disappointed shopper at M&S.
David Matthews
The Quoins
Lilac Grove