THE area around Trowbridge seems a very overdeveloped area to me, so I have tried to put some figures on it. 
If, like me, you live in the Trowbridge Community Area, ie in Trowbridge and the villages around it, you share the area with about 1,000 others per square kilometre. Trowbridge is the Usain Bolt of community areas in Wiltshire, way out front when it comes to population density. The others are nowhere near as developed. For example Chippenham, the next densest, is only about a third of Trowbridge.
The difference will be compounded by the growth proposals already approved in the Wiltshire Core Strategy. By 2026 the Trowbridge Community Area is expected to grow by a third, while Chippenham is expected to grow by a quarter.
If you look at a plan of Trowbridge Community Area you will see that the developed areas nearly fill the area. Are the planners intent on covering the whole area with development? Surely it is time to put a hold on population expansion and come to a sensible agreement on what the Community Area should finally look like. 
We need green spaces for the health of the residents as well as wildlife and we need an area where we would enjoy living, rather than just existing.
David Feather
Broadley Park
North Bradley