I AM chairman of the Friends of Bradford on Avon Community Healthcare which was formerly known as the League of Friends of Bradford on Avon Hospital.
We have had no alternative but to close our charity this year because other than the health centre and small local charities there has been no healthcare provision in the town provided by the CCG.
Since we were renamed in 2006, when the local hospital closed, we have donated in excess of £300,000 to help groups to which the residents of the town can attend but are based outside our immediate area as well as helping the health centre at Station Place.
It was with extreme disappointment, reading the “Vision for hub-based healthcare services” and the £52m health shake up for Wiltshire in the Wiltshire Times that, once again, Bradford on Avon has been overlooked.
Our local health centre is working to full capacity and beyond and has tried several times to obtain funding to extend its premises without success. 
On behalf of past members of our charity and the residents of the BA15 postcode I would be very interested to know of your vision for us.
John Cottle
Chairman & Trustee of FOBOACH