I JUST want to thank the Wiltshire Times for the article you printed about the problems I am having with Sanctuary Housing. 
I find it disgusting that our block of flats has been empty for over six months. Like I’ve told Sanctuary Housing, it doesn’t take six months to do a survey, or find a contractor and scaffolder.
I’ve begged Sanctuary Housing to let me or someone else enter 
my flat to collect my pictures of 
my late mother, as they are all I’ve got, but Sanctuary don’t want to know. They just fob me off with excuses.
I’ve been told they finally have a contractor, but if that’s the case, why hasn’t work started on the flats? The truth is, it all comes down to money. 
Sanctuary admitted to me that they and the insurance company are looking for the cheapest quote for the job. That says it all really, doesn’t it?
Thanks to Sanctuary Housing, I’ve been stuck in one room for almost seven months; I haven’t even got my cats for company any more, all because of something that wasn’t my fault. 
I’ve lost everything. All of this has affected my health. All I want to do is return to my home with my cats and nowhere else.
Everybody I speak to is disgusted at the way I’ve been treated by Sanctuary Housing, as am I. 
All I want is for repairs to start as soon as possible, there’s no excuse not to.
Michael Gaffney