I KNOW you have been publishing numerous letters regarding 
the parking at the new M&S in Trowbridge. I too, have got a ticket within its first week and a half of being open. I have lodged a complaint via email to the parking facility but have not heard from them as of yet.
I want to point out that when the store first opened there were a handful of signs stating three hours of free parking (mine was 36 minutes). No ticket vending, just the signs stating three hours free parking from M&S.
Once I got my parking violation I went back to photograph these few signs – low and behold – all of a sudden there were at least 25-30 signs stating you must get a ticket from machine and DO NOT try to argue tickets with businesses.
Right there is an admission of improper signage to begin with, notwithstanding machines not working.
I propose all people who have got a violation with less then three hours of parking to not pay. Show solidarity in an abuse of signage to a company (M&S) that did not need to hire such a parking company and its unethical monitoring.
Lisa Campbell
Via email