The steel safety barrier by the pedestrian crossing and the mini roundabouts, where the A420 Bristol Road in Chippenham meets Hungerdown Lane and Hardenhuish Lane, has been broken and missing for more then a year. 
About a month ago another section was crushed by a  motorist and still no repair has been carried out.
So far only a plastic fence and some coloured tape has been put up in the place of the safety fence. 
Both have as much resistance to vehicle impact as a Christmas decoration.
Very shortly 2,000 plus students and many other pedestrians will be using the route to and from the two large secondary schools, so the next time a vehicle crashes through the non-existent steel barrier many could be killed or maimed.
I do not care whose budget should pay for the repair work, the cost of which should be covered by the insurers of the vehicles that caused the damage, but get a steel safety barrier back up now before it is too late for the injured and killed.
There is always a contingency fund for emergency work so how about some proactive effort to get on with the proper repair work by the people concerned before it is too late.
Richard Sharpe
Via email