I NOTE with interest the scurrilous campaign by Liberal Democrat Brian Mathew against both our Wiltshire Police And Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson and the office he holds.
As the campaign manager for Angus in his successful election last year I recall the dismal failure of Dr Mathew to make any impression on the electorate and note that he finished in last place in the election.
Perhaps this is why he seeks to abolish the office of PCC? 
Dr Mathew and I are both members of the Wiltshire Police And Crime Panel which, again, he seeks to abolish.
Perhaps, given his publicly stated views against the Police And Crime Panel he will resign from this useful scrutiny body and perhaps he will also give your readers a public assurance that he has no intention of standing for the office of PCC in three years’ time. Perhaps not!
Jonathon Seed
Wiltshire Councillor