Regular users of the B3105 between Leigh Park Hotel traffic lights and Woolley Green are well aware that that length of road is a potential suicide location for pedestrians and cyclists.
Narrowing hay-wain lanes, no pavements, blind bends, stone rubble boulder debris torn from walls, loose grit, potholes, frozen surface water from springs; the two 90-degree short radius bends, barely 50 metres apart, forming the chicane at Woolley Green are the final hazard.
Road traffic expert consultants to Wiltshire County 
Highways should be challenged to prove that their relatives would be safe on foot, with “drive to the limit” vehicle drivers taking a chance on traversing the chicane at 40mph.
Learner drivers on police skid-pans were told that the average load family saloon car passing through a 90 degree bend at 30mph put a lateral skid force of three tonnes upon suspension and tyre adhesion to the road on the pair of wheels remaining in tight contact with the surface – this on a large radius bend.
Perhaps our portfolio holder frequently travelling the route, driving his own familiar car, is prepared to demonstrate that such traditional science bearing upon road user safety is now irrelevant? Speed does not kill (?) – only maims!
Why are many authorities reverting to imposing mandatory/advisory 20/30mph speed limits on mixed use roads? These are speeds that cannot be achieved in and around central Bradford on Avon, where B roads perform function of motorways.
Harold Hazell
Leigh Road
Bradford on Avon