I AM very unhappy with the parking rules at the new Cradle Bridge car park. I have been issued with three parking tickets in as many weeks.
Each time I parked outside Greggs coffee shop, got my disabled wife out of our car, parked in a disabled parking space, with badge and timer up, went into Greggs for a cup of tea, because my wife can use their disabled toilet.
The disabled sign in the car park states (I have many photos to prove) disabled drivers must park in a disabled space and display their badge and timer, which I have done on three occasions.
Each one of the parking fine letters state I had not put the right amount of payment on, nowhere on the parking signs say we had to put a payment ticket out of the machine in our windscreen. Us disabled people have life hard without these so unfair practices.
I have appealed all three, first one one refused so appealed again, second and third appealed, no reply yet.
Alan Newbury
Southville Road
Bradford on Avon