THANK you for your interest in my book Through the Years - Pam’s Prayers, the prayers are written and can be read as poems. I thought your readers might like this one:
Friendship is one of the greatest things, that God to us has given.
We need it on the joyous days, we need it in the prison.
We need it when our heart bursts out, and life is full and free,
We need it when our inward spirit is full of agony.
We need it when a babe is born, to share the tender years.
We need it when they go astray, and fill our eyes with tears.
We need it when we go to play, or on a sickbed lie,
We need it from our earliest age, we need it when we die.
We need it then, along the way, all the time we’re living
But the best beyond all things is surely in the giving.
So thank you Lord for friendships, the ones with whom we turn,
To share each others joys and woes, on this your kingdom’s born.
Copies are available from St Michael’s Church and St Andrew’s Church in Melksham, who receive a share of the £5.50 price, as does the Samara Aid Appeal for Iraq.
Pam Muller
Lay Minister
St Michael’s and All Angels Church