FOLLOWING the Wiltshire Times article last week on Wiltshire Police’s participation in the Channel 4 show 999 What’s Your Emergency, I would like to point out that 
Wiltshire and Swindon are some of the safest places in the country and we have achieved this through the hard work of all of our frontline staff in all of our local public services.
Wiltshire Police enjoys excellent working relationships with other emergency services, local authority colleagues and other agencies. There is no doubt in my mind that we have collectively achieved this through effective partnership, a collaborative approach and fantastic support from our communities.
Wiltshire Police, along with the other emergency services, signed up to participate in this programme because I believed it is an authentic portrayal of the complexities, demands and challenges our frontline officers and staff face on a daily basis.
The show gives the public a snapshot of the outstanding work my officers and staff do every minute of every day while facing unprecedented levels of demand. 
I am particularly proud of the courage, professionalism, compassion, humanity, sensitivity, tenacity, understanding, warmth, kindness and patience our frontline staff have exhibited.
We signed up to this project with the sole purpose of highlighting the changing nature of demand all the emergency services are now dealing with within the county, which is no different to any other part of the country.
This programme provides us all with an opportunity to understand, recognise and celebrate the tireless work our frontline colleagues do, not just from a policing perspective but from a wider public service perspective. 
Whether they work in the ambulance service, fire and rescue, our prisons, our hospitals, our schools, people engaged in youth and social work and other settings within social care, we should pay tribute to them at this challenging time, as resources reduce and the demands increase.
Partnership working is a fundamental part of tackling some of the issues which are being shown in the documentary and we will continue to work closely with other agencies to best protect and police all our communities.
Chief Constable Mike Veale
Wiltshire Police Headquarters 
London Road