I WOULD like to pay a huge thank you to the Muslim community in Trowbridge. On Saturday September 30 I went along to their interfaith afternoon at the mosque.
They welcomed me in a genuine and friendly way; their hospitality was second to none. 
I felt completely at ease and found the whole experience extremely interesting.
They listened to my beliefs, although very different from theirs. They did not seem to mind or judge me because I am a spiritualist, leave alone a medium. They understood that God is as much a part of spiritualism and my life as God is to theirs.
It is a great sorrow to me that the other more orthodox denominations refuse to talk with us and to realise that we are not evil people and that God loves us and is with us equally as much as with them.
They should take a leaf from the Muslims and not be so quick to judge, and to welcome everyone whatever their religion or belief.
Thank you one again to the Muslim community. 
You most certainly practise what you preach.
Rev Madeline Webb
Corinthion Spiritualist Minister and medium