ON parking at the RUH, why make the system difficult when a little more effort would make it impossible? Last week I took a neighbour to the RUH for 7AM admission. I followed the instructions re parking, details of Blue Badge, name, reference and car registration number.
The reception and car parking office were both closed and opened at 8am. I phoned the switchboard and a very helpful lady told me to leave my details on leaving.
I took the neighbour up to the ward and it was get-up time for the patients, so time for me to leave. This was 7.15am. I rang the switchboard and again a very helpful lady asked me to wait for a security guard to take the details of Blue Badge etc.
At 7am it was very busy with patients arriving. I am left wondering how many drivers left before 8am only to receive a £80 fine for not following the correct procedures when the relevant offices did not open until 8am.
John A Rose
Deverell Close
Bradford On Avon