John Cade

CADE John My family and I would like to thank all the Dorothy House staff who supported us and provided palliative care day and night when my husband came out of hospital. We were all very grateful for their care, love and sensitivity towards both him and us. A truly special vocation for special people and they excelled at it and we felt each and every one of them gave themselves totally to us when they visited. Especially the carer, Kris, who was with him when he died. We would like to thank the District Nurses and our doctor who came out to see him, all a credit to the NHS. We were overwhelmed by the attendance at the church the day of the funeral, all who share special and wonderful memories of John. For Rev. Deacon's visits while he was alive and to us the morning he had died. We also wish to thank those who attended the church for their generosity towards the retiring collection for Dorothy House which ran over £350. Whilst we still mourn our loss, we know that the best possible care and attention was given to him in his final week with us.