The head of fire-wrecked Woodborough Primary School has pledged that all of the money raised by the community’s phenomenal fund-raising will benefit the pupils.

Although the school was badly-damaged by a blaze on September 17, huge efforts were made by staff, parents and many supporters from the village and beyond to get the 160 pupils aged four to eleven back at their lessons just ten days later.

The fire destroyed several areas including two classrooms and a staff room, but now two temporary classrooms have been delivered and installed by crane so teaching as continue as normal as possible.

The PTA of the Pewsey school launched a fund-raising appeal immediately following the fire and already nearly £21k has been donated towards a target of £50,000.

Head teacher Sarah Brewis, said: “The current fundraising total is an incredible achievement. We have been completely overwhelmed by the support and generosity of the local and wider community.”

She added: “It is still difficult to say what the money will be used for, as to date our focus has been on ensuring our pupils can learn with as little disruption as possible.

“Our insurance company will replace many of the damaged items so it will be a while before we can say with certainty how this money will support the school. However, all funds raised will definitely be used to benefit all of our pupils.

“Our most immediate need was for temporary accommodation for the pupils in the classes displaced by the fire. Swift actions of a large number of people have ensured that we now have two temporary classrooms on site and work to complete the connection of services and install furniture is currently being completed.

“We are extremely grateful to everyone who has worked so hard to make sure this has happened so quickly and also to the local community for their patience and understanding on the morning that the convoy of escorted lorries, together with a large crane, brought our buildings on site.

She said: “Our PTA are currently busy making plans for their postponed annual general meeting on November 10 at the beginning of next term, during which parents will be able to visit the new temporary Year 2 and Year 3 classrooms, our refurbished early years’ classroom and the associated outdoor area which was extensively redesigned over the summer.

"After that, the next fundraising event on the PTA agenda will be the Christmas Fair.

“As yet, we have no definitive time for when the damaged rooms will be rebuilt and classes operating within them, but many agencies and people are currently working hard to ensure the process will be as timely as possible," she said.

“Work to ensure that the site is safe and cleared to commence rebuilding is happening at the moment and professionals are also working on plans to reconfigure the learning spaces.”