No10 resembles a bawdy house - Conservative Party member

Wiltshire is a Conservative stronghold with little opposition, however at times the public do come forward to influence the MPs in the County with success, and some of our MPs do listen to constituents.

The Conservative Party antics at N0 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister now resembles bawdy house with partying both inside and outside contrary to the COVID guidelines.

Firstly I would suggest you write to your MP in Wiltshire to complain vigorously about these parties, and ask for his resignation.

Martin Reynolds the Prime Minister’s private Secretary invited 100 people to a bring your own booze party in the garden of Downing Street on 20th May 2020. How can this be classed as a working event?

The night before the Queen buried her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and sat alone in the pew at Westminster Abbey due to Covid regulations. And yet the night before the Conservative Government was partying in the basement.

How can Wiltshire MPs support a Prime Minister who allows such rule breaking?

Boris Johnson’s lack of leadership is concerning, how can a man with such a lack of grip on Government rules undertake the more serious issues of Government.

I certainly have no confidence in the Prime Minister to continue in his post. We may be drawn into a major conflict with Russia and the Ukraine where the country may have to take some sort of military action, can we really trust this man to tackle such a difficult global conflict when he cannot manage simple Covid rules.

As a paid up member of the Conservative Party I find this whole breach of Covid rules very disappointing, and I would ask that constituents write to their MPs to call for his resignation.

Ian James



MPs should get writing

A personal word to the right honourable gentlemen Mr Tomlinson and Mr. Buckland. May I advise you both to get your letters into the 1922 Committee regarding giving Blundering Boris the sack forthwith. Never mind your investigation into the matter.

The Highest Court in the land has declared this two faced clown guilty. That is the Court of Public Opinion.

Listening to people socially and when walking my dog I have come across fury and anger from friends and neighbours regarding the breaking of lockdown rules by the people who imposed them.

If you both want to continue as Swindon MPs get writing now, or you will both be joining your boss in the walk of shame out of the door.

I am furious and I voted Conservative at the last election to stop Corbyn. I cannot imagine Labour supporters' rage at this matter.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


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