Sympathy for PM

I feel sorry for Boris, Keir Starmer is rubbing his hands together getting one over on the PM.

He is not without blame, they are all as bad as one another, and that David Davis is a disgrace jumping ship.

Where is his loyalty to his party? Perhaps when Boris is back in favour will he jump back again!

Boris did well to get us all vaccinated. Good luck Boris.

Carole Gleed

Proud Close


Voters taken for fools by Johnson and cabinet

The antics of Boris Johnson and his cabinet colleagues over the past couple of days have been utterly disgusting.

Arrogance, ignorance and downright lying - he, and they, are taking us all, the ordinary people, for fools!

Swindon MPs - yes, that's you, Messrs Buckland and Tomlinson - you are an absolute disgrace, in your continued support for this pathetic, busted flush of a PM.

The voters of Swindon will remember - (SBC will change hands at the next local elections and) you will both, thankfully, be gone at the next General Election.

Steve Cowdry.

Saddleback Road


Meals give children ladder out of poverty

We want to let your readers know that this is the last month for their donations to Mary’s Meals to be matched through the charity’s Double The Love campaign.

We have been enormously moved by the stories of the children who eat Mary’s Meals.

Children like 11-year-old Failo, whose life is in some ways no different to that of children living Wiltshire.

He enjoys playing football with his friends and, in class, loves reading and writing best.

But his life can be very hard. He lives in a rural village in Zambia where there is no electricity, and his windowless home is made from mud bricks.

Food is scarce and Failo relies on a serving of porridge from Mary’s Meals each morning in school – often his first meal of the day.

More than two million children in 20 countries eat Mary’s Meals every school day.

The food attracts them into the classroom, where they receive an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty. 

Until 31 January, donations made to this wonderful charity’s Double The Love campaign will be matched by a group of generous supporters, up to £1.6 million – meaning even more little ones will receive a nutritious meal at school.

We hope your readers will visit to donate.

Emma and Sophie Thompson

On behalf of Mary's Meals

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