IF you're looking for up-to-the-minute information about where to buy farm produce, five new websites from the National Farmers' Retail and Markets Association (FARMA) have the answer.

They provide information on local foods at over 1,000 locations including farmers' markets, farm shops and pick-your-own farms, as well as information and dates of food festivals around the country.

The five websites are: www.farmersmarkets.net to locate certified farmers' markets across the UK; www.farmshopping.net to find farm shops; www.pickyourown.info for pick-your-own farms; www.localfoods.org.uk links and ideas for supporting local foods including maps and calendars from farmersmarkets.net, pickyourown.info and farmshopping.net; www.farma.org.uk for FARMA members and businesses interested in selling directly to the public; unique FARMA B2B training events; food festivals calendar, and members' area.

All sites have a wealth of information about up-coming events and also show simple graphical information on which British seasonal crops and produce are available in the current month.