A new photography collection of images of Wiltshire taken in the magical hours at dawn or dusk, in all seasons and in all weathers is now available as the book Portrait of Wiltshire by Steve Day.

Steve Day was a well-known, professional landscape, travel and nature photographer and writer.

He had been the photographer for a large number of travel guides, worldwide, and had been a very popular regular contributor to Wiltshire Life and the national Outdoor Photography magazine.

His career as a freelance had lasted less than 10 years when he was diagnosed with cancer in October 2001.

Sadly he died in April 2003 at 54 years of age, with so many unfulfilled dreams, but also leaving a superb Wiltshire slide library of over 20,000 images.

His widow, Dr SueWalker, continues to live near Salisbury and run the Wiltshire Slide Library, with a website at www.steveday.co.uk.

She assembled and wrote captions for this collection of powerful, evocative pictures of the county they both loved and shared.

Visit www.halsgrove.co.uk for more information.