THE COUNCIL sent out eight reminder letters to councillors who had not paid their council tax.

In data obtained through a Freedom of Information request, the Gazette can reveal that between January 1, 2020, and September 29, this year Wiltshire Council sent reminder letters for late council tax payment to five councillors.

Those five councillors were sent a total of eight payment reminder letters between them.

It was also confirmed that the individuals were one or two payments behind where they should be on their council tax.

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Cabinet member for finance, Pauline Church, said: “The payment of council tax by individuals, including councillors is not something the council would comment on.

“The only circumstance where a councillor in arrears of council tax is relevant to the functioning of the council is at the annual budget setting council meeting in February each year.

“If a councillor is two months or more arrears of council tax, they cannot take part or vote in the meeting, the principle aim of which is to set the Council Tax level.

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“Council Tax arrears is not one of the legal reasons for a councillor to be disqualified.”