WILTSHIRE public health boss has urged people to come forward to get a booster jab as soon as it is offered.

Director of public health in Wiltshire, Kate Blackburn has explained how safe the Covid-19 vaccinations are.

Wiltshire Times: Public health director Kate Blackburn PHOTO: Alice SmithPublic health director Kate Blackburn PHOTO: Alice Smith

Mrs Blackburn also explained in a Twitter video why it is important to boost your immunity when you become eligible for your booster jab.

“What I would like to stress is all vaccines have gone through a very long, very thorough safety and testing regime,” she said.

“And it’s perfectly safe for you to have a booster jab that’s a different type than you may have had from your first and second dose.

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“If you had AstraZeneca as your first and second dose vaccine there is no risk in terms of you having a Pfizer or Moderna Booster.

“The important thing is to get that booster when you’re asked to come forward because it really will help to increase your immunity and protect yourself and all of those people around you in the community.”