Plans to build 26 houses in Malmesbury have been turned down by Wiltshire Council.

Hannick Homes and Developments applied to the council to build 26 houses on land south of Park Road in Malmesbury.

At a meeting of the council’s Strategic Planning committee, councillors decided to reject the plans for a number of reasons.

The first of the stated reasons given by the council was the proposed development’s sitting outside of the town boundary and outside of the scope of the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan.

“The proposal would result in the urbanisation of this rural site in this prominent and elevated position which would result in harm to the local character, appearance and visual amenity of the immediate locality,” the decision notice said.

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“The principal access to the application site would be from Park Road. Park Road lies within Flood Zone 3 and is prone to flooding being both low-lying and adjacent to the River Avon.

"At times of flooding an emergency access to the site (for pedestrians and emergency vehicles only) would be provided from White Lion Park at the rear of the site.

“These arrangement for access - and in particular the emergency access – are considered to be contrived, providing unsatisfactory accessibility for the future residents of the development, and so do not amount to ‘good design’.”

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It is also noted that the development does not make provision for affordable housing.