A tragedy-struck mother of six from Pewsey who lost her husband just before Christmas has made a heartfelt appeal for everyone to make a will in case of the sudden death of a loved one.

Pewsey photographer Sam Wheatley was aged just 44 when he died on December 18 without leaving a will.

Now his wife Davina has been left without any regular income and fearing that she and her children could lose their home.

“I don’t want anyone else to go through what I’m going through,” said Davina, who also suffered the loss of her grandmother, who lived with them, shortly before Sam died.

She added: “Now all the bank accounts are frozen, I have no funds and I’m pretty much stuck, with no idea of what I will do.”

Wiltshire Times: Davina and Sam Wheatley before his untimely deathDavina and Sam Wheatley before his untimely death

Sam died suddenly in hospital of a pulmonary embolism, which followed illnesses after he contracted Covid in October.

“He had developed blood clots in his leg and his lungs and he thought he was going into hospital for just an X-ray,” said Davina, 44.

“He went into hospital on the Thursday and he died on the Saturday, he never came home.

“We all caught Covid in October and Sam had had breathing problems after that. The doctor told me that the likelihood is that the Covid caused the blood clots.”

Despite her plight, Davina, who has six children aged 11 to 23, has bravely found the strength to warn others of the formidable complications which can result of dying without making a will.

She said: “I never had to work and Sam did everything, all the bills, but he left no will. It was one of those things that we just put off, that we’d discuss it later.

“I really want people to think about this and to talk about it; talk about death, what you want afterwards and making a will. Nobody expects to die at 44 and with a will you think we’ll talk about it later, we have time.

“But sometimes you don’t have time and people really do need to talk to their partner, make a will and not put it off.”

Wiltshire Times: Davina and Sam Wheatley on their wedding dayDavina and Sam Wheatley on their wedding day

Although Sam and Davina had no mortgage of their home, she is deeply worried for her and her children’s future as she has no job and no regular income.

Following Sam’s death, friends and well-wishers organised an emergency funding appeal, which has raised £5,000, but she knows that with a large family and amenities and other bills to pay the appeal money will soon dwindle.

“Everything now has to go to probate and it’s not guaranteed that we’ll have the house at the end of it,” said Davina.

“We’re very, very grateful for people’s kindness and the donations they’ve made for us but the money is not going to last forever with the costs of six children and no other support.

"I’m really worried that I may lose the house because of having to pay the bills and inheritance tax. It’s all uncertain; it’s awful, you never think it will happen to you.”