British singer-songwriter Tom Walker has described Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson as a “yellow-haired idiot”.

Speaking at the Isle of Wight Festival before he performed on the main stage on Sunday afternoon, the Leave A Light On star called Mr Johnson’s potential appointment as prime minister an “absolute disaster”.

“I’m not going to preach… but I think people should just be open and read into who is going to be the next elected person,” Walker told the Press Association.

“Or unelected as we’ve got now – I can’t wait for that yellow-haired idiot to be in charge of us, that’s going to be fun.”

Conservative National Convention meeting
Boris Johnson (Yui Mok/PA)

Mr Johnson is the frontrunner for the Conservative leadership contest following the decision by Theresa May to step down, and will become prime minister if he wins the race voted on by Tory party members.

Asked what he thinks about Mr Johnson becoming prime minister, Walker added: “It’s a disaster, that’s about it really.”

Walker said politics is “depressing” at the moment and there is no one who inspires him, adding that Brexit is “stupid”.

“For the first four years I lived in London I didn’t live with an English person, I just lived with people from all around the world form different cultures,” he said.

“Now I’m going to have to get a visa to play a gig in France – how stupid is that? Because everyone in the UK was lied to by a bunch of f****** idiots.”

Walker said it’s “hard to say” what role music can play in politics, but that you can “just try to influence people in a positive way”.

Tom Walker speaking at the festival
Tom Walker speaking at the festival (Ed Lawrence/PA)

During his set Walker said he is “tired” of the news and explained that his song Dominoes is based upon the situation.

The song includes the lines “the news only shows us the damage, ’cause they’re the ones holding the cameras” and “we are enslaved by grief dictated by media streams”.

The Isle of Wight Festival comes to a close on Sunday, with headline act Biffy Clyro taking to the stage in a performance event organiser John Giddings has said people will be able to “see from the moon”.