THE actor best known for his performances as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses will be heading to the Pound Arts in Corsham for a one-off show where he will lift the lid on his extensive career.

John Challis, who has worked with some of the biggest names in show business, will reveal secrets from the behind the scenes and spill the beans about his colleagues in his show entitled Only Fools and Boycie at the Pound Arts on Saturday, October 8.

He said: "I am feeling very excited about the show. I have never played in Corsham before but it is a part of the world I know as my mother came from Bath. I am hoping to just tell my story and show off really! I look back on lots of memories as it is part of the whole process.

"People seem to be fascinated with how it happened, where it happened and that is what I talk about. Of course people remember the big names and I have some interesting stories for them although most people just want to hear about Only Fools and Horses so I have to spread it out a bit."

The actor, who says he could go on for hours with stories, is set to tour around the country with incredible stories about the time he turned down an offer to star in The Beatles' tour film and the time he was tracked down by Dr Who fans in America.

Although many fans look back on the bar scene with Del as one of their favourite Only Fools and Horses scenes, or the time Del and Rodney dressed up as Batman and Robin, Mr Challis has a different reason for his favourite moment.

He said: "My favourite moment is probably when we find out what Boycie's real name is. Del calls a seance to try and get in touch with his mother in an episode called Sickness and Wealth and the medium gets hold of an Aubrey and Boycie says 'I am here.' It was just a great piece of writing and it was great for the character too."

Fans of the actor's work will have a chance to meet the man himself at the end of the show where Mr Challis is happy to answer questions or sign books and photographs.

"I think it is important because the fans get you to where you are," Mr Challis said. "If no one switched on the TV or turned up to my shows it is very difficult to live the life you lead and it is nice for me to say hello to people and say thank you in a way.

"You can see people trying to do the Boycie, the Marlene and the laugh during the meet and greet and it is something they love. It is probably my own fault though for creating something so special that people remember!"

Tickets for the show cost £15 or £14 for concessions and can be purchased from