THE short-sighted lack of a cohesive affordable housing policy by town and Wiltshire councils is building up problems for our towns.
Those houses that are being built in the area are not affordable for many local people. Developers, unchecked by the council, build larger homes which give them more profit.
The councils have no policy to ensure that more social and affordable houses are being built.
The restrictions that were previously placed on developers to build a percentage of affordable/social have been completely removed for developers of groups of 10 houses or less. It is a dereliction of duty that our councils’ Local Plans do not include the provision of anywhere near enough sufficient starter or social homes. 
To make things worse the new homes that are being built are not being supported with sufficient infrastructure. The typical person buying what new homes we have is not local and the necessary infrastructure is not being provided. This is going to place an extra burden on our already pressured hospitals, schools and GP surgeries.
In years to come people will look back on the last decade as what can only be described as a period of planning insanity. To not make any attempt to build an adequate supply of affordable starter homes or social housing shows a complete lack of concern for the future of our young people and subsequently our communities, where local people will not be able to afford to live. 
Surely people must have had enough of these short-sighted policies and will decide that it is time to give Labour a chance.
Tony Free
Labour Candidate for 
Warminster West Ward
Unitary and Town Councils
The Marsh, Longbridge Deverill