I WONDER if your readers recall the Government suddenly dropping an ongoing investigation into a BAE Systems’ arms deal with Saudi Arabia 10 years ago? When later the then British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia left the Foreign Office, it was no surprise he got a job with BAE Systems. Only last year they appointed a new director of government relations, Oliver Waghorn, who a few years earlier was a special adviser to the then Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, before scandal forced Fox to quit. 
The political influence browser on the Campaign Against the Arms Trade website shows that numerous former politicians, military leaders and civil servants now work in the arms trade with fat salaries paid for their contacts and insider knowledge. 
Over the past five years, the Middle East has almost doubled its imports and the US and Europe (including the UK) remain the main suppliers. What chance the peace lobby?
A Methodist minister and a Quaker were arrested in January trying to disarm warplanes bound for Saudi. Their consciences drove them to action following the ongoing death and destruction in Yemen by Saudi Arabia using £8bn of weapons paid for by UK taxpayers.
There is little transparency or accountability of the arms trade though we are repeatedly told regulation is robust in the UK. 
When, in February, CAAT was unsuccessful in challenging the UK Government’s decision to continue licensing arms exports to Saudi Arabia, half of the three-day hearing was in closed session. 
Ask your MP how transparent the massive Defense and Security Equipment International Arms Fair in London will be from September 4-11?
The peace vigil and stand held near ‘Millie’, in the centre of Bradford on Avon on Saturdays has stopped due to illness and death. Are there people in the town, passionate about promoting peace who would consider reviving it? If so please contact 07505 260666.
Judith Hammond
Middle Rank
Bradford on Avon