A TEENAGE campaigner, who dressed as a giant chicken and protested outside KFC in Trowbridge, has been given a Compassionate Teen Award from an animal welfare pressure group.

Olly Tyler, 16, of Westwood, dressed in the £600 suit outside the eatery in October, to highlight poor conditions he believes factory hens have. KFC refuted the claims and said all its poultry was from welfare approved suppliers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) discovered the vegetarian’s protest and decided his efforts deserved rewarding.

PETA UK’s associate director, Mimi Bekhechi, said: “It takes dedication and courage to publicly protest the abuse of animals raised on factory farms. And when you add a chicken costume into the mix, that goes double. PETA is certain that Olly’s actions will inspire others.”

Former John of Gaunt pupil Olly said: “I’m very happy to be given the framed certificate and looking forward to holding my next protest.”

Olly plans to be outside KFC at Spitfire Retail Park again on December 22 and 23.