Traders in Melksham have welcomed the decision to move the town’s weekly market back to the traditional Market Place.

The Tuesday market started six months ago in the Church Street car park, but with footfall declining Wiltshire Council are planning to move it somewhere more visible.

Tom Ince, of Wiltshire Council, said: “We are looking to move it back into the Market Place as a trial, hopefully from April 1, unless we get any objections from local residents or businesses.

“We struggled a bit with footfall where it is now, and we are hoping it will pick up in the new location.

“Our deadline is March 14 and I don’t anticipate any objections, everyone has been very supportive to the idea.”

Troy Catley, of Catley Chilled foods, has sold meat and dairy items in Melksham since the market started.

He said: “I think it will definitely increase footfall, a market should be in the market square, not tucked round the back.”

Bradford on Avon-based butcher William Browne started The Old Spot Sausage Company three weeks ago.

He said: “The first two weeks here have been really good, I’m selling a lot of sausages.”

He also sells at Calne market but said the Melksham market was best, adding: “I didn’t even know Melksham had a market until I went on the Wiltshire Council market website.”

If approved the Market Place car park will be closed to traffic once a week from 9am-3pm while the stalls are in place.