A Trowbridge worker who parks in St Stephen’s Place multi-storey car park believes Wiltshire Council took too long to respond to her complaint about broken lights in the car park’s stairwell.

Angela Cave, who works nearby, regularly parks there with her colleagues, as it is free, but said they became concerned last Monday about broken lights in the stairwell.

She said: “When we got to work on Monday morning, the stairwell in the multi-storey car park behind Wilkinsons was pitch black and you couldn’t see anything at all.

“On Tuesday there was an elderly lady lying at the bottom of the stairs, being attended to by a paramedic having fallen down the stairs.

I gave blood on Wednesday at the Civic Centre and had to walk to my car in the pitch black using my mobile phone for light.”

“We tried contacting the council by phone and email no less than five times to report the fault, as it was dangerous, but it’s very difficult to navigate their website and get hold of anybody who deals with the problem.

“They did eventually fix it and it’s much better now, but it should have been dealt with straight away as it was unpleasant for people working in Trowbridge and parking on their own.”

The council confirmed it was made aware of the issue last Tuesday, with the lights eventually being fixed on Friday.

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “Once we were made aware of the issue on Tuesday, we asked our contractor to investigate it as soon as possible.

“The lights were repaired on Friday.”

The council added that it would be closing the car park to carry out further repairs, not linked with the lights, between 9.30pm next Thursday and 6.30am the following day.