A further treatment station has been added to Bradford on Avon Leg Club thanks to a donation from the town’s Lions Club.

The sixth station at the club, which helps people with lower limb problems such as leg ulcers, includes specialist weight-bearing chairs, folding trollies for products and strips of lino which can be washed down.

Club secretary Chris Penny said: “One of our club’s members had problems with one of his legs. He went to the Leg Club and was so impressed he asked if the Lions could help.

“This is showing the way forward to the National Health Service. It takes the pressure off the health service and clinics.”

Amanda Brookes, business manager at Bradford on Avon & Melksham Health Partnership, said: “Thanks to Bradford on Avon Lions our members are now being seen faster and the waiting times cut.

“ The Leg Club is absolutely imperative for our 160 members who are registered with this practice.”

It holds sessions every Tuesday.