Two Westbury mums have proved age is no barrier after completing their Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Grade 3 ballet exams – despite only taking up classes less than a year ago.

Kathryn Broomfield, 37, and Elaine Cheshire, 43, learn dance at Dance4Life’s Westbury branch, which runs classes at Leigh Community Park Centre, and took their exams in West Lavington Village Hall in December.

More than 100 pupils currently attend Dance4Life’s classes, including adult sessions, where they are taught a variety of techniques on a structured syllabus.

Mrs Broomfield, a full-time mum who used to do ballet as a girl, said: “I had trouble with my knee and went to see a physio and the exercises and stretches they were showing me to do I thought ‘they’re ballet exercises’ so I took it back up as it was a lot more exciting.

“Doing the exam was nerve-racking, it was like taking my driving test again but it was over really quickly.

“When I speak to lots of mums they are quite surprised I do ballet as I think people have this idea that it is only for children and teenagers and that you have to be a size eight to do it, which just isn’t the case.”

Set up 18 months ago by Emma Townley, Dance4Life also offers classes in Cherhill, near Calne, Marlborough, and Great Cheverell.

Miss Townley said: “I am extremely proud of Elaine and Kathryn’s achievements.

“They are a fantastic example of those that feel ballet and dance can be practiced by anyone at any age.

“They have proved this brilliantly by achieving such fantastic results in their exam.”

Adult ballet classes are taught at Leigh Park Community Centre, Westbury, every Friday at 6-7pm for beginners and 7-8pm for Grade 4.

For further details, phone 01249 470445 or email