YOUNG entrepreneurs are embarking on a series of marketing and social media workshops to support their businesses, following the success of the Hitachi Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

The workshops are free and are being supported by Trowbridge Town Team and the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, with the first one held at White Horse Employment on June 30.

Several young entrepreneurs were recognised as part of the first Hitachi Young Entrepreneur Awards held in February this year, with Maxine Aldridge walking away with the top prize.

The 27-year-old won the award for her Buttons and Bows business, winning a cheque for £500 in the process, and was one of the first two entrepreneurs to experience the workshops.

Miss Aldridge said: “It was really great to look at my business from a different angle. I really can't wait to start work on my unique selling points and I am already looking at a way of doing some stock recording that will work for my business.

“I really want to grow my business and feel like this is going to give me the tools to enable me to start doing that and work like a proper business should.”

Nicola Davis, who runs Nicola Davis Crafts and was also part of the first workshop, added: “The workshop gave me so much to think about and confidence in my business.

“I am sure that over the next few months I will learn even more how to run a successful business from people who have done it themselves. I wish there were more opportunities like this for other young entrepreneurs.”

Facilitated by President of Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce Emma Roberts and Trowbridge Town Team chair David Baker, the workshops will be in clusters of two entrepreneurs to focus on the individual businesses.

Mrs Roberts said: “The aim of the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce is to improve the economic standing of the community as a whole and what better way to assist than for us to get involved in such a worthwhile programme.

“The essence of imparting business knowledge and expertise is at the very heart of what we do. By mentoring young entrepreneurs in our local communities, we can not only ensure a better future for these new, local independent businesses based in our area, but for their future workforce.

“We want to give them the knowledge and ability to compete in today’s economic environment and I am looking forward to working with the group. We have some true “gems” in our midst.”