Nestle factory Staverton Then and Now.

Staverton Mill enjoyed a heyday in the early 19ith century when the West of England cloth trade was at its peak but it declined and all but died out by the 1880’s

The Nestle connection with Staverton came in 1897 when the Anglo- Swiss Condensed milk company bought the empty village woollen cloth mill for £6,000.

Anglo Swiss was started by two brothers Charles and George Page producing tins of condensed milk in Cham Switzerland and expanded their business into the UK in 1873.

Business was expanding for the milk company and they were looking for a suitable site.

Staverton Mill nestling on the banks of the River Avon seemed an ideal site. Located in a rich dairying area of the West Country with a plentiful supply of fresh milk and due to the decline of the local cloth industry many men and women were seeking new employment