TROWBRIDGE mayoress Aurore Andrews brought along an example of her own handiwork when she attended the opening of the WEFT exhibition at Trowbridge Museum last Friday.

Mrs Andrews wore a Japanese designed jacket that she had stitched from fabric made at Trowbridge Mill many years ago.

Mrs Andrews said: “It was a commercial pattern but the fabric was given to me about 20 years ago by a lady called Gillian King who had bought a huge amount of Jaeger woollen cloth from the Mill before it closed.

“I just followed the pattern but I am very pleased with the result.”

Mrs Andrews was so fascinated by the exhibition, she has pledged to return to it.

She said: “It is a very interesting exhibition and there are lots of things in it that I’m sure local people will not be aware of.

“But there is so much to see I could not take all of it in. I shall have to come back another time and spend some more time going round it.”

WEFT, West of England Festival of Textiles, is a biennial event which continues at Trowbridge Museum until November 7.

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