OUTRAGED residents in Limpley Stoke are fed up with being refused ice warning signs from Wiltshire Council, as overflowing drains still have not been fixed.

Limpley Stoke Parish Council requested six ice warning signs and two flood warning ones as the drain on Woods Hill repeatedly overflows onto the road, and in icy weather it freezes over.

Locals say there have been numerous accidents on the one-in-four gradient hill, and that is enough is enough.

Anna Sabine, who lives on the hill and is a former Limpley Stoke parish councillor, said: “Wiltshire Council don’t want to accept liability, it's not good enough. We have repeatedly asked for warning signs, promised by the county council, and yet we still don’t have them after all this time.

“Schoolchildren use that hill every day, I am very worried. It has to be fixed. There have been an awful lot of accidents here and after talking to people here, the consensus is something has to be done.

“The drain, which is high up the slope, doesn’t do the job and the water flows down the hill which then freezes. It's an accident waiting to happen.

"Last year a lady was in trouble and we had to call the fire brigade. Cars come down here quite fast and can skid which puts people at risk.”

Cars use Woods Hill as a through road from the A36, which is the responsibility of Highways England, to the B3108, which is Wiltshire Council’s responsibility.

Chairman of Limpley Stoke Parish council chairman Peter Wyatt said: “Wiltshire Council have been reluctant to give us signs despite the fact we agreed with them to keep them in a storage block, but they never got round to giving them to us.

“In regards to whose responsibility this is, that is a bit more difficult to define. Regardless of that, this is a dangerous situation and needs to be dealt with as it goes all over the place.”

Parish council vice-chairman Margaret Field said: “I've been in contact with a transport person at the Wiltshire Council so hopefully that can progress somewhere. but I want to know why we can’t have them?”

A Wiltshire Council spokesman: “We would encourage people to report these issues to us and we always do what we can to help with the resources we have.

“Although we haven’t provided signs at this stage we have hand-salted the area and are investigating the drainage issues.”