PUPILS at The Grove Primary in Trowbridge have been left devastated by the theft of seven rare breed chickens which were stolen from the school grounds.

Police were called on Tuesday morning after staff made the horrifying discovery, leaving many of the children in tears about their loss.

Reception teacher Louisa Kile, reception teacher said: “The children have nurtured these chickens and have watched them hatch so they have become very attached to them. They are missing out on a huge opportunity to learn about growth and development and they can’t carry on their understanding about the life cycle of the chickens anymore.

“The school was planning on keeping the chickens so we could build a hen run and sell the eggs they produce.

“It is a gated and covered area and so whoever did it must have cut their way through. The window of opportunity of knowing they were there was very short."

The seven rare breed chickens cost £210 and the pupils have appealed for the public’s help in trying to locate them by making posters.

Miss Kile added: “The children are obviously devastated and we have had some in tears this week.

“We’ve talked about what could have happened to them and they accept that someone has stolen them so they decided to make posters asking for them to be brought back to the school.

“I had one little boy in tears as he was making the posters so we would just like them back because they mean so much to the children.”

Anyone with information about the chicken’s whereabouts can call the school on 01225 755242.