AN anti-fracking campaigner who has been on hunger strike since April 4 delivered a talk at The Old Bell pub in Warminster on Wednesday (April 20).

Anti-fracking protestor Gayzer Frackman, who legally changed his surname from Tarjanyi after his house was damaged by fracking in 2011, has been campaigning outside Downing Street for 17 days.

The campaigner travelled to Warminster on Wednesday to attend Keep Wiltshire Frack Free’s county-wide meeting, where he discussed what is happening at county level, what other groups have been doing and what plans are in place to keep on protesting.

Mr Frackman said: “I’m going to be on hunger strike until we get a response from government.

“A recent poll highlighted that 43 per cent of UK residents are opposed to fracking and only 29 per cent are in favour of it, with the remaining 28 per cent not voting.

“This shows that we are winning.

“I have listened to all of the professional evidence and there is not one bit that proves fracking has any benefit to us, or that it is safe.”

In November 2015, Mr Frackman delivered a letter to David Cameron which included evidence of the dangers to health and environment of unconventional oil and gas exploration, but did not get a response.