HORNINGSHAM Primary School's hall was transformed into a stunning art gallery last Wednesday as pupils displayed art they have been creating over the past term.

Each year group picked a different book to study and used the text from the books to create sculptures, paintings and other features, before proudly presenting them to parents and teachers at the exhibition.

The school places an emphasis on learning creatively and has taken part in the National Gallery Project, Take One Picture, since 2006, but this year decided to base the project on books instead

Stacey Holden, the school’s admin and finance officer, said: “It was such a wonderful exhibition, the pupils should be really proud.

“Year 1 chose James and the Giant Peach and designed a huge peach sculpture, Years 2 and 3 created a spectacular tea party based on Alice in Wonderland with handmade teacups, teapots and everything else required for a brilliant tea party.

“Years 4, 5 and 6 based their exhibition on Carrie’s War, which involved learning about the Second World War in a hands-on way.

“Their exhibition featured clay work they created of soldiers and buildings, and they also created diaries, written from the perspective of their evacuee alter-egos."

All of the pupils studied the book Varmints collectively, which discusses how we can all look after the environment and how we can live in harmony with nature.

Year 3 pupil Angel said: "The story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was really inspirational and we were very lucky to receive a letter from the Mad Hatter asking us to organise a decadent tea party for the Queen of Hearts.

"I really liked making the teapots using balloons and newspaper and I enjoyed painting the Queen's face. I felt very amazed as I walked around to see the other classes work."