EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Nakita Wright, who was left paralysed from a holiday accident, has been whizzing around her neighbourhood in a brand new wheelchair this week thanks to generous donations from the public.

Just over £3,000 has been raised for the Holbrook Primary pupil since February to pay for the new pink and purple wheelchair – something which the youngster pleaded with her mum to buy.

Tasha Wright, 37, of Ramsbury Walk, said: “Since getting the wheelchair it has been so much lighter and straight away she was whizzing around on it.

“We wouldn’t have been able to afford this wheelchair without everyone and I would probably still be saving now so I just want to say thank you to everyone really.

“We didn’t know some of the people who donated but others were friends and family but it was just amazing at how quickly it was raised.”

It was during a family holiday to Portugal when the accident happened after Nakita fell awkwardly when practising surfing on the sand.

After weeks in hospital, she was eventually diagnosed with Surfers’ myelopath – a rare spinal cord injury caused by hyperextension of the back resulting in her being paralysed from the hips down. The wheelchair, which cost around £2,800, was only delivered on Tuesday but Nakita has been the envy of her friends at Holbrook who have helped the family in adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Miss Wright, who has been able to go back to work at TLC and Rainbows Early Years, added: “They have said it is unlikely she will walk again but they don’t know for the future because there hasn’t been much research done on this condition.

“The accident feels a long time ago but then again it still feels like yesterday. Realistically we have only been out of hospital for eight weeks and Nakita is practically full-time back at Holbrook now who have been brilliant. They have gone out of their way to make things right for her with ramps and everything and they have even been teaching other kids wheelchair skills so they know what Nakita has to do.

“Everyone else has been great as well because during half-term or after school, the children around here still come and knock and call for her to go out and play which is so nice to see because they don’t treat her differently which is what I feared. I couldn’t ask for better friends for her.”

To round off her week, Nakita was said to be “over the moon” after being crowned Carnival Butterfly Queen. She’ll attend town events throughout the year including the town centre procession in October.