PUB worker Amadou Gillen has told of his disbelief at winning £4 million on a Lottery scratchcard.

The 46-year-old was on a break from his job as kitchen manager at the Albany Palace in Park Road, Trowbridge, last Wednesday when he decided to buy two Black and Gold scratchcards from McColls in Castle Place.

The first £10 valued scratchcard returned the cost but the second, to the 46-year-old’s amazement, revealed a mammoth £4 million win.

“I found out I had won at about 8pm and didn’t finish my shift until midnight. I wanted to celebrate but couldn’t, it was a feeling I can’t really express," said Mr Gillen.

Mr Gillen has a holiday lined up to his native Gambia and also wants to pass his driving test as soon as possible, buy a new house and help put his eldest daughter Sera Gillen, 22, through university.

He said: “I got my provisional license in 2009 but have never been able to afford lessons or a car.

“I’m going to do an intensive driving course next week and want to buy a Peugeot before moving onto something more exciting like a BMW.

“My eldest daughter wants to study science at university so I’m going to help her pay for that, and I'm thinking about what charity to give to as well.

“I told my youngest daughter Takysha the news at Nando’s, she thought it was bad news when I told her I had something to tell her but was delighted to hear what it really was.

“I’ve been looking at three and four bedroom houses in the Bristol area – nothing too flashy but definitely a step up from my current flat in Trowbridge.”

Since the win, Mr Gillen, who worked in McDonald’s before joining Albany Palace, has enjoyed splashing the cash by going clothes shopping. He has also left his job  and hasn't got another one lined up.

“I have bought a lot of clothes, mainly from TK Maxx – I still like a bargain.

“Next on my shopping list is the car and when I get back from Gambia I’m going to think of something a bitquirky to buy. I have so many ideas in my head.”

​The £4m Black and Gold Scratchcard offers a 1 in 3.06 overall chance of winning a prize.