THE dying embers of a fire that smouldered for well over 24 hours has finally been extinguished, but not without destroying tonnes of waste.

More than 15 firefighters from Westbury and Trowbridge were mobilised to Northacre resource recovery centre, owned by Hills Waste, in Stephenson Road at 8.15pm on Friday. 

On arrival, the crews were confronted with thick smoke that filled the entire building. Crews used one main jet to attack the fire from the first floor gantry.

Efforts were made to remove burning material from the building using site crane buckets and one covering jet.

The on site foam installation was also used by crews to extinguish the flames.

Nobody was injured in the fire and no damage has been sustained to either the building or the equipment at the site. 

Operations resumed on Monday morning but the fire service remained on site as a precaution.

Hills is working with them to try and find out what caused the fire. 

Paul Scriven, Northacre RRC plant manager, said : “Our staff on site reacted quickly to the situation and put in place the agreed emergency procedures, and the fire service attending promptly.

“The fire suppression system installed at Northacre uses some of the latest technology and its efficiency has been proven.”