THREE police officers and a police dog who saved a woman from drowning in the River Avon have been given Force awards for their bravery, teamwork and fast actions.

PC Simon Goodwin and police dog Fozzy, and Trowbridge PCSOs James Bates and Mike Obern were honoured on Wednesday evening.

The team sprang into action to track down a woman who was believed to be intending to take her own life last September. After her car was found near the river in Staverton, dog handler PC Goodwin and Fozzy tracked her along the riverbank, and found her in the water, almost completely submerged with only her head showing.

"We found the car at the side of the road and thankfully it hadn't been tainted, so Fozzy could pick the scent up straight away," PC Goodwin said.

"He led me over a stile and through a field until we got to the river where the woman was. When we got there she said 'help me'. I just tried to keep her calm until more officers arrived," said PC Goodwin.

PCSO Obern jumped into the water and pulled the woman to the bank, so he and PCSO Bates could haul her up the steep bank. The officers ensured that the woman received medical assistance as well as mental health support.

"We coxed her towards the bank, because it was that time of year it was really muddy but the water level was low. I then got into the river and went underneath her so I could lift her out. We put her in the car with the heating on and a blanket around her just so she would dry out a bit and keep warm until the ambulance arrived," PCSO Obern said.

For his bravery in rescuing the woman from a dangerous situation, PCSO Obern received a Chief Constable’s Commendation, whilst PCSO James Bates, who was unable to be at the ceremony, and PC Simon Goodwin and Fozzy received Chief Constable’s Outstanding Teamwork awards for their actions and quick thinking.

"If it wasn't for Fozzy then it could've taken a lot longer to find her. He really is invaluable to our team," added PC Goodwin.

Wiltshire Police’s finest flocked to Cumberwell Golf Club in Bradford on Avon to attend the awards, when 25 officers, staff, special constables and members of the public were honoured.

From special commendations to certificates of excellence, the awards put a spotlight on the actions of officers and staff, thanking them for their work.

The award-winners received their awards from Chief Constable Mike Veale.

Officers and staff from Trowbridge, Melksham, Devizes and Swindon were among those honoured, in a ceremony attended by Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson, and Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire Sarah Troughton.