Amy Pantall

PUPILS and staff at Studley Green Primary School in Trowbridge celebrated national Sing Up day by hosting their own sing-a-thon.

Each of the school’s nine classes chose their own song to rehearse, perfect and perform in front of the rest of the school and teachers. Even the staff formed their own choir of around 23 members, and performed Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours.

Georgia Mcghee, music leader at Studley Green, said: “We place a lot of importance on singing in the school, and we held this event to promote singing in a group. The children have been so enthusiastic about the sing-a-thon, they have all been so excited to tell me what song their class is going to perform.”

Pupil Jaden, nine, said: “I love the fact that everyone is singing together, singing is my favourite thing to do and we have all been practising since February. It was fun to see all teachers singing as well as you don’t usually see teachers singing.”

National Sing Up day is an event created by, a website which the school uses in music lessons as a teaching tool. The website aims to provide children all over the world with the opportunity to sing, develop good musical skills and understanding, and use singing as a tool to help their academic learning.